I am Marco-Anthony, and this is my blog : “The Cooking draws show!”

It all started… well today (10/09/2016) with a prety strong apetite in class. While most of the students around me aspired to lucrative careers as engineers, I was slouched  on my chair worrying about my belly and drawing some food on my copy. What a suplice!

At this moment an idea popped up and to be honnest this is quiet unusual for me. And if I create a blog sharing food recipes that I will test and increment it with some simple draws? “The Cooking draws Show”! I will share with you fellows my own draws, if I got enough time.

I hope that my blog will distract you, hypnotize you and that I will maybe mouth-watering you.

For the first recipe i find for you guys a simple recipe to make blueberry nutella french toast roll ups from the simplecookingchannel (find the link below). Of course you can change blueberries with bananas as i did!


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