Japan is coming to your mouth! (Part One)

Hello buddies! Today I will make you drool with a recipe for maki and Beef/Cheese brochette. Yes Arthur… I knew that you wanted it and I fulfilled your wish as I always will because of my greatness!! To be honest it was already on my wish list because Japanese food is one of my favorite foods. I was obligated to try it! Japan is not only the land of manga (“Toriko”), video games and strange TV Shows but also a promise land of wonderful food.

First of all, few words about Japanese food. Japanese Food provides a huge panel of delightful variety of recipes. It is based on rice, the main ingredient produced in Asia, and also raw fish. This type of cuisine is known for his healthiness. Maybe the secret of Japanese’s longevity, maybe their fountain of Youth. Well, for me it is just another means to get fat but a satisfied little fat man.



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