The thick, chewy and heart warming noodle! Udon

You may know Ramen! May be your favorite japanese noodle soup at these day or may be the only one you know. But you have to know that this is not the only one and not the best one from far! Don’t be wrong I also love ramen but I found in love with the Udon noodle!
Udon noodles are with Soba noodles the most ate noodles in Japan. Udon noodles are thick, chewy and ridiculously satisfying. You can appreciate it hot or cold, and with a neutral flavor, you will be able to match them with almost everything. A popular way to eat udon noodles include yakiudon, which is the fact to cook the noodles fried, and zaru udon, in which the noodles are served cold with a soy-sauce . However Eating udon noodles will leave you feeling full but not stuffed and completely nourished.I have tried it once and eating an udon noodle is quite satisfying for a gourmet, Promise!
There is a huge panel of recipes, feel free to discover all of them if you are motivated to! I am but not today! love you guys!
The Heart Warming recipe follow there! gotchissô-sama!

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