Portugal in my mind and Aletria in my mouth!

This dessert is particularly made around Christmas. It used as main ingredient a very thin kind of noodle that was brought into Portugal when the Moors lived there. this noodle has a sweet name of angel’s hair. Later Portuguese people, with their love for sugar and desserts, turned these noodles into a sweet treat, what a strange idea doesn’t it? This transformation is made by boiling them in milk and adding butter, egg yellows, lemon zest and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top! Oh Wait! I was forgetting a lot of sugar!
Any Christmas Portuguese tables used to show at least one plate full of that angels noodle. The texture of Aletria can change if you are in the coastal place or in the middle lands! But no matter where you go, you will always it’s a gift to eat it!
Here you got the recipe! Peace and bom apetite!

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