Pasteis de Nata

Pastéis de nata is a sweet tartlet coming from Portugal. The most portuguese seet known around the world.You will find this type of little tartlets in numerous af restaurant, menu and even KFC (in france at least).When you see the characteristic brown scorch marks at the top of this golden treasure, your heart will beat for it. This tartlet has made my entire childhood, i remember when my father, often after the Sunday church, offers me one of those sins…. it was so comforting, the sweetness of this cake filling my entire mouth of sugar, cinnamon and also diabetes. But we don’t care of diabetes because heaven has touch my mouth… SooooooOOO DELICIOUS!!!!

I want to share with you that feeling that’s why you will find below the recipe…. if you feel lazy just buy some and EAT IT! Just in case this recipe is difficult! Good luck fellas!


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