Cheese naan right from India!

what is a naan? if you don’t know yet, the naan is a flat bread, made by wheat flour. It is a regular bread  in several regions of Central Asia and of South Asia just as Afghanistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Burma, Pakistan and India of the northwest (mainly in Rajas-than and Gujarat).The naan can be made by incorporating it some yeast, but the original version does not use yeast at all.

The naan was broadcast in the world in his variant essentially punjabi although it is advisable to note that the cheese naan or “naan in the cheese” is a purely French invention, introduced in parisians restaurants.

The naan differs from the chapatti by its shape  and by the fact that the chapatti is generally cooked on a plate made of cast iron

Here you find the Recipe :
Put the flour (200g of wheat flour) in a bowl and add a soup spoon of oil and mix. in one step add the yeast (2 pinches), the sugar (2 huge pinches), the salt and the yogurt (just one) and mix the mixture and then add . Add the water (5cL of water). Make a ball, then coat him of oil. Soften the dough by hitting it. When the dough is very supple, let it rest 3 to 4 hours. Make a dough with the Cow which laughs (bad traduction of a french “cheese” names ” la vache qui rit”). Preheat the oven in 300°C during 15 minutes. When the dough is rested, divide it into four balls. Put the cheese on and then fold the dough and roll it into a flat bread, you have to take care that the cheese don’tgo away. Put it for 5 min into the oven heated at 260°C.

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