Adeus dear friends!

Today is my last day here at WordPress when I signed on for this blog I knew that it would be a great adventure haha. Discovering recipes from different country and sharing with you the love that i got for food. I couldn’t have guessed how fast those times passed away. I know that this blog is not perfect and of course full of mistakes just as this short note. But I really hope that you enjoyed  or at least that I reached my goal to mouth-watering once. If it is not the case for you it was for me! ^^
It has been a great opportunity to show you my favorites dishes, I am just sad that I could not put some of my draws there… It was complicated because of my studies… and of all the overwhelming homeworks. As you know sometimes is quite difficult to work and to have a real life beside! I remain grateful, however to the few or almost non-existent lecturers.

May you all enjoy your lives take care and follow your dreams! A huge hug!

To put an end to this blog here it is a recipe of my country as you may know Portugal! O Bacalhau!


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