Royal Charlotte (Swiss roll cake) part one

This recipe is pretty difficult and long to follow for someone that is not used to cook but the result is satisfying and will amazed the people around you i bet it! Even if your not used to cook just learn the recipe before applying it and you will succeed easily !

In my opinion this recipe is fresh as almost all the recipes including fruits and cream and beautyfull to see ! Due to the difficulty and the cost, this cake will be made for some importants occasions as a family dinner, christmas… My family loved it even my father who hates milk, creams… so I wish you good luck and hope that you will try it.

The recipe 182174_4140932600799_1329546632_nused is from Mercotte known as pastry tv presenter. The recipe has been gived to the challengers of the show. you can find the link below :

Girlfriend Opinion : Coming soon…





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