Bordeaux : such a great city!

Today I will do an aside in my blog, i am the ruler I don’t care what you think and I do whatever i want! 😉

As you may know Bordeaux is a french city it becomes the greatest town to live in the world as some magazines says. I must say that is not really false. Yeah I have the chance to live there since 2 years now and it is for me as a “parigo” (someone comming from paris as theys said in the south of france) a peacefull place, far away of the accumulated stress of Paris. My giant bubble.

In Bordeaux you can live! your not far from montains, sea and spain. The city is awake and always full of inovatives/culturals projects as the known wine party and more…

I fall in love with this city, and also because of the gastronomy some of the best restaurants where i ate are there. L’autre petit bois is a restaurant serving a plenty of toast dishes. Pitaya it is a snack serving thaï food it is delicious. Peponne, an italian restaurant known for their pizzas and pastas. Le Regent and l’entrecôte are restaurants based on the same principle a simple menu (salmon, steack or entrecôte) with a secret sauce and unlimited french fries and salad. of course there is more restaurants to know. As you can see I was not so far from the subject, always food! 😉

If you have the chance to go there just go and enjoy!


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